Rooney Affair With Callgirl Making Coleen Angry

Wayne Rooney playing affair with callgirl. The scandal that happened with Wayne Rooney prostitute woman last year was only revealed in August 2010, making Coleen angry and went to his parents’ house, brought along their 10-month-old son, Kai Wayne Rooney.
Last Saturday, Manchester United striker had met Tony and Colette McLoughlin, in-law, to demand the return Coleen. Previously, Rooney had apologized by saying, “I have to disappoint you.” But the second-in-law who already do not respond angrily.
A source, quoted by The Sun, said they were outraged to 24-year-old bomber who was desperate. “A few weeks ago Colette and Tony are very angry. They did not even want to see because it is so fed up with it. ”
“But they know, to make them happy Coleen Wayne as a daughter should accept them.”
Rooney’s persistence finally fruitful results, Tony and Colette are willing to see him on Saturday, after Coleen’s sister, Rosie, age 12, who suffered congenital illness, out of the ICU after having a stroke.
The star looked happy to see her son and with him for half an hour to travel to his home in Roby, Merseyside. The source continued, “For the family, she is a miracle cure. They consider the wisdom of all that had happened, including Wayne’s shame.

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